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How It Works

All New Hampshire K-12 schools (both public and private) are eligible to participate in the New Hampshire EnergySmart Schools program, free of charge. The program begins with a collection of basic data including:
  • Total energy use
  • Electric use
  • Heating fuel use
  • Size of school (square footage)
  • Number of students
  • Types of heating and cooling
  • Type of cooking facilities
  • Number of computers

Following submission of this data, you will receive a customized report analyzing your building and utility data to assess the basic nature of your energy consumption and utility costs. The report compares your data against similar schools in New Hampshire and across the country to assess your performance relative to buildings with comparable codes, standards, regulations, size and climate/weather.

Your custom report will not only explain how your building is performing but it will also propose recommendations for making money saving improvements. Further, it will outline a list of resources to help you implement these improvements. These resources include technical assistance and financial incentives and rebates.